Defender II Customer Reviews:



Its so amazing game


Mukang puss

Good game

Good game but it freezes a lot, not worth it


Nice game... Very addictive...



Fun game but crashes constantly

Don't bother doing the tapjoy bs for crystals either because you don't get them after watching the videos or downloading the games.


In gonna hack this game

Free Offer Issues

I completed 2 offers and didn't receive my crystals. Sent an email about the issue and received an automatic response that said I had received my rewards when I had not. Fix this issue and I'll fix my rating.


I have been playing awhile and its beastmode

Nice game

I liked this rather than defender 3 because there is no lava most there and u need to evolve whatever but I think this is the best


Im happy for this game

Easy to play

Nice game easy to defend

A big issue...

The game is fun but their customer service is just bad. Never complete any rewards for this company in any mobile games because they don't reward you. I even sent request because I was missing crystals and got a response saying that I was rewarded even though in fact I wasn't an there is no way to continue to try and get your rewards it's just case closed.

Giving optimistic views and fun

Defender II much relatively strategised and picking best choices for different counter measures, best of all it's fun to play

what happened!!!! disappointed!!

i used to have this game on my older phone and loved it but when i installed on my new one it was asking for access to my photos and to make calls and when i clicked deny the game wouldn't work!! i read some reviews and noticed someone else had the same problem a few months ago and you guys have done nothing to fix it or even replied REALLY POOR effort on your part 😠😠😠

Defender 2

Maganda its okay amazing game


Hahaha I enjoy for play this hack game tnx SBgame hacker but root required

Awesome! Good job..

I like it..I spent my free time by playing this game..

Not bad

Best game



Make more spells and enemies


Awesome Game!

Superb game

I love it........


I like it


Really enjoying it

nice game

i really like this game, but i cant play to my other device..when i play,back to zero should be im lv. 721..

Was good but

Recent updates have made it more difficult to advance without in app purchases and advertising is annoying. Goodbye Defender 2 ... You ruined a good game with greed. And it seems with each update you make it more difficult to advance without a platinum credit card. Not to mention unbelievable advertising. What a pain.

Man did I love this

Man when I was younger I used to pay this a lot and here I am still playing it it is a whopping 12/5 stars

So addictive..

...very very addictive😍😍😍😍......if you want how to use lucky patcher...then...try it in this

Very nice

I literally installed then installed after a couple of hours and its changed.. Why put all those ads? That was one of the reasons I liked the game.

I would really like this game

But I did one of there free offers for crystals and never actually got the crystals. When I wrote to the support team. The sent me an email say thank you and you've already gotten your crystals.

I like this game.....


Just wow 😂


I've spent quite a bit of money on this game. I logged in and all of my upgrades and levels are gone. I want a refund.

Freeze in the middle of the stage

It freezes a lot in the middle of the stage, whether it is online battle or offline stage, which makes the game unplayable. If not, very good and addicted game!


this is very nice game and help in doing time pass